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They also said that other auditing, recounting and canvassing done through the State of Arizona long ago confirmed the election’s legitimacy. Instead, they say the Arizona “audit” is just the beginning of what is likely going to be a growing trend that will pit career election officials against politicians and start-up companies claiming to be able to conduct forensic and large-scale audits. The speakers warned that without better public education, Americans could become confused about, and lose confidence in, what is actually a very safe, secure and — above all — accurate election process. Moreover, the “spillover” effect from the recount in Arizona is giving momentum to groups in several states, including Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin to audit election results that were certified and validated months ago. Indeed, similar efforts also appear to be underway in North Carolina. Last week, reported that a “group of House Republicans who call themselves the Freedom Caucus say they need to inspect voting machines so they can reassure constituents that North Carolina elections are secure.” Meanwhile, Raleigh’s News & Observer reported that a recent post on the Freedom Caucus Facebook read: “The House Freedom Caucus is now focused on BOE officials and the specific precincts themselves. We absolutely think tampering happens in North Carolina.” During last week’s discussion, Joanna Lydgate, founder and chief executive of States United Action, said that the Arizona Senate audit is being led by a group called “Cyber Ninjas,” which is not accredited and lacks experience in election auditing. Moreover, the audit is only focused on Maricopa County, not other counties, and there’s been no examination of the entire ballot — for example state races — just an evaluation of the presidential tallies. “The voters have spoken, it’s just that these politicians don’t like what the voters said,” Lydgate said. The concern among some officials is that as the fear and disinformation spreads, it will lead others to take action that could mirror the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6. “The specifics differ from state to state but they are all based on the lie,” Lydgate said. That lie has been that the elections were unsafe or even riddled with fraud. The new website also has tools for tracing the individuals and groups that are behind the audit efforts in the different states, as well as the money they are raising. “This is an intentional disinformation strategy to undermine democracy,” said Erosa Osa, the research and policy director for Fair Fight Action. “They’re weaponizing sham election reviews.” Despite the lack of evidence of genuine voter fraud, lawmakers in Arizona have used that disinformation and the concerns to which they have given rise to pass more restrictive voter laws.

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Microprocessor vs Microcontroller A microprocessor-based system can perform numerous tasks. A microcontroller based system can perform single or very few tasks. Microprocessors have integrated Math Coprocessor. Complex mathematical calculations which involve floating point can be performed with great ease. Microcontrollers do not have math coprocessors. They use software to perform floating-point calculations which slows down the device. The main task of the microprocessor is to perform the instruction cycle repeatedly. This includes fetch, decode and execute. In addition to performing the tasks of fetch, decode and execute, a microcontroller also controls its environment based on the output of the instruction cycle. In order to build or design a system (computer), a microprocessor has to be connected externally to some other components like Memory (RAM and ROM) and Input / Output ports. The IC of a microcontroller has memory (both RAM and ROM) integrated into it along with some other components like I / O devices and timers. The overall cost of a system built using a microprocessor is high. This is because of the requirement of external components. The cost of a system built using a microcontroller is less as all the components are readily available. Generally, power consumption and dissipation are high because of the external devices. Hence it requires an external cooling system. The clock frequency is very high usually in the order of Giga Hertz. The clock frequency is less usually in the order of MegaHertz. Instruction throughput is given higher priority than interrupt latency. In contrast, microcontrollers are designed to optimize interrupt latency. Bit manipulation is powerful and widely used feature in microcontrollers.